Chew it up

At last! Apple has made an iPod small enough that a lady could insert it into her vagina if she so desired(1). Not that I recommend doing such a thing – a handbag would surely be a better portable storage facility – but it’s nice to know that should such a hiding place be required, the iPod Shuffle could happily pop in for a visit.

Apple, however, are choosing their own way of indication how small the new iPod is. They’re comparing it to a packet of chewing gum and show the Shuffle hanging out next to a packet of Trident. In fact, they say it’s “Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun.”

But on the official website I also note a little number at the end of that slogan indicating a footnote. Scrolling down reveals the following warning: “Do not eat iPod shuffle.”

Yes, it’s funny to chuckle at the litigiousness of America and the theoretical need for such warning, but really, is anyone going to fork out US$100 for an iPod shuffle and then attempt to eat it?

1. Do not pleasure thyself with iPod shuffle.

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