The Zen of metaller fashion

Back in my day, metaller guys wore those slim-fitting black orange tab Levis, even if they were fat (especially if they were fat). Now I see that metaller fashion has got with the new millennium and that metaller guys are now wearing great big giant trousers, which, back in my day, metallers would have scornfully described as homie pants.

The thing is, a teen metaller (or worse, an early 20s metaller) wearing big baggy black trousers and a big baggy black Slipknot t-shirt along with the classic long frizzy hair (or the growing-out short greasy hair) and bad skin, just looks like a great big black blob. At least the metallers back in my day had a clear distinction between above and below the waist – at least there was some indication for the ladies where the fun was at, yo.

But, oh yeah, that’s right. It’s not about fashion or sex appeal; it’s about the music, man (and pissing off your stepdad).

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