Fool stop,

Sometimes it’s fun to have a laugh at strange use of punctuation. “Ha ha,” we say, clutching our copies of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves close to our bosoms. “Look at how they’ve written it’s instead of its!”

But other times there’s use of punctuation that’s so outré that whoever concocted it was surely being more punkarse than dumbarse.

I present to you the blackboard outside Molten restaurant:



  • The missing closing quote mark.
  • The use of the @ symbol to represent the word at.
  • The scare quotes around valentine.
  • The comma after valentine.
  • The quotes around Molten.
  • The use of a comma to end the sentence.

Eight pieces of punctuation in a sentence that only needs one full-stop. Yes, this truly puts the punk in punctuation.

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