Second person

You couldn’t think of anything to write so you decided to write an entry in the second person. Immediately after you started you realised that it sounds really freaky, like you’re lecturing people. It’s also a bit like that Henry Rollins spoken word piece, “I know you” that you used to listen to a lot when you were 18.

It also sounds like those people who are interviewed about something that they feel a bit nervous talking about, so they shift into the second person. So instead of saying, “I didn’t really know what to do when the tsunami hit, so I just ran as fast as I could and prayed that my kids were ok,” they say, “You didn’t really know what to do when the tsunami hit, so you just ran as fast as you could and prayed that your kids were ok.” Like it’s a universal experience that everyone has.

You’ve also started wearing contact lenses again. You bought a couple of boxes of daily disposable lenses last year, but only used a couple of pairs. But now that the weather is so hot, hot, hot and humid, you’ve noticed that it’s rather uncomfortable having your spectacles sliding down your face, lubricated with sweat, sun screen and face oil. Yuck. Oh, and you’ve always felt not-quite-pretty when you wear glasses and blame Dorothy Parker for that.

But you’ve noticed that things are different without glasses. As well as everything being all clear and in focus (and not just the arbitrary area where the lenses sit), people have been looking at you differently. Your face looks bare, like when a guy shaves off his beard. It’s different and you’ve noticed people doing that gaze thing where they take a long look to check out what’s changed. You figure this must be what it’s like to be really famous or something.

You feel like you need to wear an accessory to replace the presence of your spectacles, but as Christine Rankin-style earrings are out of the question (though, oddly enough, not strictly out of fashion at the moment), you’re not really sure what do. If only girls could cultivate facial hair. A goatee might be fun.

You’ve decided that while this second-person thing is rather enjoyable to write, you wouldn’t want to write like this forever. Interestingly it’s easy to feel very distant from the subject matter when you’re not directly identifying yourself as part of it. You’ll have to do a third-person entry some other day.

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