Lost in translation

Here’s an approximate translation of yesterday’s entry:

I speak French (me neither)

It was very hot and humid today. When I left the office at 3.30, it was like leaving an aeroplane in a place like Thailand or Hawaii, but it was Auckland, city of humidity.

I was subtitling a television programme with lots of French in it and I was surprised at how much I understood. I decided to use my French skillz and write an entry in French. (I spelled ‘skills’ with a Z, because I’d spell ‘skillz’ with a Z in English).

Of course, my French isn’t really this good (if it is good). I use help from my good friend, Mr Babelfish.

On the subject of language, I saw a sign in the female toilets at Britomart in five languages – English, Maori, Samoan, Chinese, and Japanese (but not French).

I was going to go to the gym today, but instead I went to the supermarket. (OMG! Supermarket is my favourite French word! It is very choice. Oh, yes, I remember Mrs Papworth telling my third form French class how to pronounce ‘choice’ the French way.)

Maybe I’ll translate this tomorrow. (Also, any corrections are welcome.)

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