Orange aid

I just saw an item on the late news about this MP who’d recently been involved in a car accident as a result of drink driving. He was a reformed man now and this was driven home by a close-up shot of him pouring a glass of orange juice.

Why is orange juice the default non-alcoholic beverage?

The orange juice provided as a non-alcoholic substitute is never good stuff. It’s usually that cheap crap that comes in a three-litre bottle and tastes like sickly sweet cooked oranges (which is it what it is, really). It’s the kind of orange juice that nutritionists recommend against drinking with those “Beware of hidden sugars!” articles.

The perfectly terrible presentation of such orange juice is to serve it in a small plastic cup with large ice cubes. That way the ice melts and dilutes the orange juice, so the bottom third of the cup will be this warm, watery sick-tasting orangy water.

Of all the nice non-alcoholic beverages available, why do party organisers still insist on serving horrible orange juice?

No wonder people drink booze.

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