I decided to check my post office box to see if any Valentines had arrived early. There weren’t any (WTF?!) but I realised I needed to buy some fair trade coffee, so I walked on to Trade Aid in Ponsonby.

After that I decided to go to Real Groovy to see if they had any CDs by The Cars (the reason for me seeking this will be revealed tomorrow, or possibly the next day), but I couldn’t be bothered walking back along K Road, so I went via Western Park.

At the bottom I discovered there was an Asian food fair at the Freemans Bay community centre, fundraising for a Buddhist centre. I got a $3 Myanmar fish and rice noodle soup, which was hot (as in temperature, not spiciness), but delicious, and a $2 thing called “sweet icy combination”. It was shaved ice with fruity toppings that tasted like cough syrup, nuts, condensed milk and little jelly bits. It was shockingly and surprisingly delicious. As I ate my soup and combination, entertainment was provided by a youth playing cheesy instrumental versions of Abba songs. (Yes, he made Abba sound cheesy.)

Real Groovy had a lovely, shiny, glittery double-CD Cars anthology, but it was $70, so I had to forgo its shininess.

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