Ex marks the spot

I finished work at five o’clock and scurried down the valley and up to Real Groovy because the Shins were playing a little show there. I managed to catch about five songs and it was lovely.

It was pretty hot in there, but the windows were open, fans were on and a gentle summer breeze stirred the air. The songs they played just seemed to perfectly suit the afternoon. I hear their gig at the King’s Arse last night was really good, but I liked the lighter version this afternoon.

Oh, and speaking of the Shins, Marty Shins used to go out with this chick called Elyse Sewell. You may have seen her on “America’s Next Top Model” (it screened last year on TV3 up against Australian Idol or somethin’ like that). She was the cool contestant, the one was really smart (she was studying to be a doctor) and funny, and who just fell into the modelling thing like she was born to do it, yo.

Anyway, after writing a bio for the band, she eventually split up with Marty, but this is where things get fun.

Elyse is off modelling in Asia at the moment and, hey, she has a LiveJournal.

It’s the choicest thing to read, because not only does she have an interesting job in an interesting place, but she can write really well and takes good photos to accompany her entries.

How many models take photos of themselves flippin’ the bird while all glammed up for a photo shoot? And how many American girls living in Japan resist the temptation of whining about how Asians can’t differentiate between Rs and Ls, and instead ask their equally smart mom who shares her knowledge on language acquisition? Yeah, she all that.

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