In my first year at tech, I came top-equal in two classes, Introduction To Journalism and Written Communication”. The other person who shared that top ranking was a lass named Carly Kirkwood who is now the presenter on Nightline.

I remember her name more than her face. I think she had long blonde hair back then, whereas now she has shorter, darker hair and that matt TV skin. She’s a good news reader.

Reading the press release announcing her new position as the presenter, it seems like she’s been set on a media career since an early age, so it’s not surprising she ended up where she is now. (See also: Oliver-Kerby, Bernadine)

Whereas I just ended up at tech because it seemed like it might be quite interesting (it was) and I discovered, much to my surprise, that I was quite good at that whole writing and journalism thing that I’d also been quite good at in high school.

But I never actually enjoyed that pure kind of journalism, so I didn’t pick it as my major, and I eventually left tech because I wasn’t enjoying the alternative, film and television, either.

And yet I eventually managed to find a pleasing middle ground that mixes writing and television together – and all without the pressure of journalism or the inconvenience of being famous.

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