It must have been the sun

At the hairdresser today I overheard a conversation between a 14-year-old girl, her hairdresser and the girl’s youngish stepmother. The hairdresser examining her hair and noticed some subtle regrowth. The following conversation then took place.

Hairdresser: Ok, so you’ve had some colour done before. What did you have done?
Girl: Um, oh, I think that was probably just lightening from the sun.
Hairdresser: No, no. See this? There’s a definite line where the regrowth has come though. That only happens with chemical lightening.
Stepmother: Did you dye your hair? Is that dyed?
Girl: Um, I think it might be really old. Like, from a couple of years ago.
Hairdresser: No, it’s too new for that.
Stepmother: See my regrowth? That’s about six months old and that’s almost as much as what you’ve got.
Girl: Oh, I think it might have been when I was in Australia and I put some lightening spray in.
Hairdresser: Like Sun-In?
Stepmother: You used Sun-In? Can you get rid of that?
Hairdresser: Yeah, we can do that.

I note this because I went through a period when I was 16 and used Sun-In and would absolutely deny to anyone who even slightly suggested that I might have dyed my hair.

The bit where I take a photo of my haircut knowing that it’ll probably never looks this cool again.

Of course, I would never dye my hair because only trashy trollopy slappers do that.

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