Back on the couch

The lady sitting next to me on the plane apologised to me a lot. She apologised when she realised the air stewardessman had given her two arrival cards as one was for me. She apologised when I left my seat to go to the toilet and went into really hardcore apology mode when I came back. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry,” she said as I slid past her to my window seat.

She also sneezed a lot, but the one thing she didn’t apologise for was spreading her germs to me. Yes, now I’m back in Aotearoa hanging out on my couch with duvet and heater feeling sick as.

I’ve uploaded my Australian photos on Flickr. It’s in rough chronological order from newest to oldest, but the Flickr uploader I used got a bit screwed up, so there will be bits that are very much out of order.

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