Hitchin’ a ride

I showed up to the bus stop at 6.30 this morning and there was a lady there frantically trying to hitch a ride with any vehicle that went past, including a police car.

A couple of taxis drove past and she attempted to hail them, but they drove on by. Then a cab pulled up and she let out a huge sigh of relief and walked towards it. But she was soon stopped in her tracks when a passenger got out of the taxi and dashed over to the ATM while the taxi waited for him.

The woman turned to me and said in a cranky, rude voice, “You know, there are no buses today. They are all on strike,” with a silent “you stupid girl” added by her sneer.

“Oh,” I said. “I guess I’ll have to walk.”

“Hmph. Lucky for some,” she muttered, before returning to her mission of attempt to bum a ride to wherever it was she so urgently had to be.

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