48 hours of sleep deprivation

The 48 Hour Film competition is back again. This would explain why I’m up way too early on a Saturday morning after having got not enough sleep to quite be alert yet, but enough to have dreamed of my IMDB page.

I’m on board this year as a writer and indeed last night from about 7pm to 12.30am much writing did occur in collaboration with the legendary Fractured Radius writing team. Our theme this year is romance, a subject I am well qualified to write about (I have PhD in romanceology).

My muse was over-the-counter cold/flu remedy (the stuff that’s made from P!!!!!!), as I’m getting over a badass cold that wiped me out earlier in the week. It seemed to work. I seem to recall coming up with at least one excellent line – possibly more.

It’s amazing how sleep deprivation can make everything seem either really funny or really shit, though this morning I was still laughing at the memory of some of the wacky, zany and madcap lines we came up with. I’d quote some here but, y’know, I don’t wanna give away any of the surprises.

Today will be about fine-tuning and filming and hopefully not about realising that the ending is shit and needs to be entirely rewritten.

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