I worked for about 15 hours yesterday. I would have much rather been on the couch feeling snotty and miserable, but I wasn’t and I think I had much more fun than I would have if I’d stay on the couch.

The day involved travelling around Auckland filming various bit of the as-yet-untitled film. I got to continue with my writerly duties, but as the day went on, I also was script girl, security guard, actor, dialogue coach, pirate, boom girl (yes!), and various other little jobs.

Things went well. I believe we got everything filmed that needed to be done, and a few things that probably didn’t. We even managed to improvise after discovering that one prime location had been taken over by Japanese students having a movie evening. But the best location find was scoring a completely empty upstairs function room in an Irish pub to use after our previous pub was taken over by a 21st.

By the end of the night, things were getting a little weird and sleep deprived. There’s a point where someone makes a suggestions and the ability to know if it’s a good suggestion or not has been numbed by tiredness. I suppose that’s where the magic of the editors comes into play.

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