Fruits of Passion

The film was completed and handed in on time, thanks to the efforts of the talent of the great auteur Ryan James and his editors.

It is titled Fruits of Passion, which is a completely brilliant title. I just saw it for the first time tonight and I laughed and indeed giggled many times.

It’s debuting at the mighty Civic next Tuesday (24 May) at 6pm. Tickets are $11 and are only available from the Civic box office half an hour before the screening. Admission is technically only available to cast and crew, but I think this is just a requirement for classification purposes – i.e. if you are reading this and feel like being a crew member, then you shall be.

I recommend seeing it, especially if you’ve ever wondered, “Hmm… I wonder what Robyn sounds like saying ‘Shit my balls’ in a comedy pirate voice.”

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