Knock knock

I was mucking around with the speech-recognition software on my computer. It’s fairly limited, responding only to particular phrases that trigger particular commands, for example, “close window”, “paste clipboard here”.

I noticed that a few commands only seemed to work if I said them with an American accent. The New Zealand way of dropping Rs at the end of syllables didn’t sit too well with it.

Then I discovered the joke-telling function, which proved to be hilarious in a somewhat unexpected way.

Robyn: “Tell me a joke.”
Computer: “Knock knock.”
Robyn: “Who’s there?… WHO’S there? … Who’s THERE?… Who’s therrrrrrre.”
Computer: “Tsogonas.”
Robyn: “Tsongas who?… Tson- Oh, get rooted.”

Is this the futurrrrrre?

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