I cancelled my gym membership yesterday. The sales guy acted like Hal in 2001 when Dave was trying to unplug him, trying all these little tricks to attempt to get me to reconsider. “If you rejoined, you’d be paying $30 a month more.” Fortunately I was tired and in a somewhat crappy mood, and I just wanted to get the damn thing cancelled. I focussed on his goal, acknowledging but not reacting to his tricks. Finally a piece of paper was signed and I walked away knowing that I had one more excuse to sit on the couch.

Another excuse to never leave the house is the BBC’s newly launched alternate reality game, Jamie Kane. Jamie Kane is a recently deceased pop star, but a small group of his fans suspect something suspicious is behind his death. You, or I, or anyone can join in an help figure out what’s going on in 14 daily instalments.

It’s a very impressive set up. As well as a bunch of websites covering all aspects of his career (embarrassing boy band past, serious solo artiste, “Top of the Pops” coverage, magazine covers, and so on) they’ve actually gone to the effort of producing three albums worth of songs, which are all available to listen to online.

The embarrassing boy band album actually sounds like boy bands did three years ago, the first solo album is complete with an opening track about how horrible his boy band life was, and his second, darker solo album has that melancholic Britpop sound. Some of the songs are really good, much better than a lot of the stuff that many pop artists release. Go, the BBC.

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