Popcorn and choc-tops

It’s a late Saturday afternoon in the toilets at a multiplex. A woman in her 50s has entered and gone into a cubicle to have a wee. Soon after her 20-something daughter returns from the ticket area and also enters a cubicle.

Daughter: Mum? Mum?

Mum: Yeah.

Daughter: King Kong’s on at 5 o’clock, so that’s quite good cos it gives us enough time to get something to eat.

Mum: Is it on at another time?

Daughter: Well, if we see it at 5, that gives us an hour to get something to have for tea. And the movie is quite long, so we don’t wanna stay up too late, especially after having a late night last night.

Mum: Yes, we were up late last night. Don’t want to stay up too late tonight.

Daughter: Yeah, or there’s this one with Jeniston Aniston in it.

Mum: Eh?

Daughter: You know Jenna Aniston?

Mum: Oh, that one from Friends? Is she in it?

Daughter: She’s not in King Kong. She’s in another movie. We could see that.

Mum: Oh. Well, what one do you want to see?

Daughter: I really wanna see King Kong. I’ve heard it’s quite good.

Mum: Ok. We’ll see that one then. I’m going to see if I can get this muck off my jumper with a bit of toilet paper.

In a nearby cubicle a stranger heaves a sigh of relief that the pair have decided against the Jeniston Aniston movie.

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