Well, it looks like National Radio aren’t going to archive the 3D Radio show that I was on back on New Years Eve, but fortunately one of my co-panellists, James from Noizyland, has kindly hosted the whole shows as a podcast (i.e. an mp3) for your listening pleasure.

[Oh – it’s not there any more. OK, I’ll figure out somewhere to host it and get back to you.]

Before the show started there was the long-range forecast which went on for ages. As I sat there listening, I realised that I find the National Radio long-range weather forecast to be somewhat soothing and reassuring. It probably came about from my mother always having National playing in the kitchen when I was growing up. It’s the way the place names are recited in order – Tauranga, Taupo, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua. I think that’s the same kind of feeling that Damon Albarn wrote about in the Blur song “This is a low”, which was inspired by the British shipping forecast.

However I was soon snapped out of my peaceful lull by one word – Tuesday. See, the forecast reader pronounced it really well. He didn’t say “Choosday”. He Tyewsday with a sharp T. I suddenly started thinking about my pronunciation. I’d probably say “Choosday,” and surely that wouldn’t be the only word I wouldn’t pronounce with elegance and grace.

Fortunately by the time it came for me to speak I’d forgotten all about vowels and consonants and just talked. Having listened to it now, I’m happy with the way I sound. And, after all, it’s not really about me (in my intro, Jon calls me a cultural spectator – awesome!). It’s about good radio.

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