My iPod is magic. I was planning on buying some cherries after work from the fruit shop at the village. I got off the bus at the nearby bus stop and walked along to the fruit shop. Just at that moment, my iPod randomly chose to play the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Cherry Came Too”. There was one box of cherries waiting there for me. I happily bought it. Magic!

(Of course, you won’t see me mentioning all the times I’ve been listening to my iPod and it’s randomly played a song with no apparent lyrical connection to what I’ve been doing.)

In other news, the anti-nuclear murals on the reservoir behind the Mobil on K Road are being dismantled, digitally reproduced, and redisplayed on that wall. The originals are going to be exhibited at the adjacent Art Station gallery, and then sold in an auction.

Do you know what this means? Yes. This is my chance to have “No Nuclear Fire For Amber” proudly displayed in my lounge.

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