When I read this in the Herald today, I knew I had to get out of town.

[T]he [Mission Bay Jazz and Blues festival] also drew a large group of young teenagers and before the night was out many of them were in a fighting mood.

One jazz fan said he was sitting near the fountain on the grass when he noticed large numbers of teenagers arriving.

Some were as young as 12 and 13. They were texting each other on cellphones, some were drinking and there was tension in the air.

I mean, tension is one thing, but when teenz start texting each other, you know that trouble is a-brewin’.

So I went to Kawau Island with my bro. It was a nice hot summer day and we explored the Mansion House and went for a massive walk around the reserve.

I really like that in the Mansion House, amid all the restored rooms with their elegant kauri panels, there was a board with photos of the Mansion House’s time in the ’60s and ’70s as a hotel, complete with the now-demolished extra accommodation blocks built out the back.

I had a strange experience with one of the ferry crew on the way back. As I handed him our tickets to clip, he made a comment to my brother about how women are always so organised and how men usually have to muck around in their pockets trying to find the tickets. It was strange – he was talking about me to my brother, but it wasn’t actually me, rather some general stereotype of women that he was imposing upon me. It’s hilarious because I’ve just misplaced my contents insurance invoice… again.

Hot pics of Kawau island delights can be found on Flickr.

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