Night light

I spent most of the lantern festival wandering around taking photos. Other people did this too.

Here’s a hint: if you’re taking photos of lanterns and you want them to look all glowy and wonderful, remember to disengage the flash. A pair of zebras demonstrates the difference.


Flash zebras

And no flash:


But I realised that if I spent all the time looking through a viewfinder, I’d start to miss things. So it was time to engage in the peripheral business.

I enjoyed the karaoke. There were some really awful performance, including a good-awful rendition of “Let It Be” and two girls in short shorts who did a nervous, wobbly bad-awful ballad. (To put it in NZ Idol audition terms, he’d get flamboyantly rejected on-camera by the judges, but the girls would get weeded out on the first day.)

But there were good, entertaining performances some guy did a crowd-pleasing version of Spandau Ballet’s “True” (which even prompted screaming from the audience), while two ladies did an enthusiastic rendition of Blondie’s “Call Me”.

As for the food, I had an adequate vegetarian pad Thai, a refreshing passionfruit slushy thing, a superb pork bun, and a pearl milk tea. I couldn’t finish the pearl tea. There’s something a little unnerving about sucking on a straw and having a succession of sweet li’l balls firing into my mouth.

At fireworks time, Teh Matt and I ventured across to the Wellesley Street overbridge and put our cameras exposure settings to work, before crossing to the other side and watching the fireworks spurting above the trees in Albert Park.

More lantern festival photos here.

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