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Re the old people who want to see a commercial-free TV channel and TV programming just like the olden days.

I look back fondly upon Beverly Hills 90210. I don’t watch The OC cos it seems kinda dull. But not going to insist that 15-year-olds should get 90210 on DVD and stop watching Mischa Barton being all skinny and messed up. Likewise, I would not trade Eating Media Lunch for McPhail and Gadsby, nor Shortland Street for Close To Home. Contrary to what our rose-tinted hindsight will have us believe television today is actually more sophisticated and complex than it was 30 years ago.

It sounds like the nostalgic oldies would appreciate a digital channel playing the greatest hits of New Zealand television. I know I’d tune in (or download) if Peppermint Twist were to be made available for the first time since 1987.

I’ve seen the future, and it’s on my iBook.

Re Girls Aloud

I was walking down K Road and saw a nightclub was advertising that Girls Aloud would be playing there on Monday. First I got really excited, then I wept bitter tears of disappointment.

See, while The Aloud are my favourite pop group at the moment, sadly, tragically, I won’t be around on Monday to go. Nor will I be here for their Top of the Pops taping.

I saw a press release asking for audience members for TOPT. Interestingly, the group was described as “indie-pop”. I’m guessing this description is being used because there would be near rioting if the awful truth were to emerge – Girls Aloud were formed in a Popstars TV series.

It was Popstars – The Rivals, in late 2003. But unlike the boyband, One True Voice, not only have The Aloud not split up, but they’re on to their third album (fourth if you count the Christmas CD). Their secret to success isn’t hair straighteners, it’s that they work with really good song writers. It takes good songs, not dance moves, to get to number one.

But meanwhile in Aotearoa, there’s still this aversion to people who don’t write their own songs. ‘Tis a pity. There are a lot of talented songwriters out there who’d rather not have to diet and spend weeks away from their families in order to get their lovely pop songs heard.

I envy the lucky people who will get to see Girls Aloud live.

Re re.

A lot of people think re is short for regarding. It’s actually Latinese and is short for res, which means thing. This is what happens when you spend your days looking up words in the dictionary, ow.

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