My favourite webpage du jour is the police blotter of incidents attended by the Espanola city police and New Mexico state police, as published in the Rio Grande Sun.

I have selected my favourites. It’s been an eventful week for the good folk of the Espanola police.

Wednesday, February 8, 12.46 am.
An Allsup’s clerk said several individuals entered the store, one opened a bottle of Excedrin and emptied half into his pocket, and then the subjects left yelling, “West Side Locos!” The individuals were arrested minutes later for possession of cocaine and heroin.

Thursday, February 9, 8.31 am.
Autozone reported a shoplifter running around the parking lot in baggy pants. City police chased the man from there to the old Taco Bell and then to Las Lomas Apartments. The man clothes-lined himself on the staircase and was arrested, police reported. Police asked the fire department to come wash the man’s blood off the stairwell.

Friday, February 10, 1.43 am.
Several patrons at Club Tropicana were afraid to go outside because some men they were arguing with earlier were sitting in the parking lot waiting for them, the club reported.

Saturday, February 11, 1.01 am.
A man said his wife was trying to convince him to kill someone. The person she wanted him to kill had killed her brother in a car accident, he said. His wife said that if he would kill that person, then she could have closure, the man said.

Sunday, February 12, 10.12 pm.
A Las Lomas Apartments resident said she had evicted her roommate but he was back at the apartment and was drunk. She had taken away the knives from the kitchen but she didn’t know what he had in his bedroom, she said. He liked to threaten people with his walking cane, the woman said. The man was taken in for detox.

Monday, February 13, 2.31 pm.
A Chimayo man said he wanted to file a report on an incident that happened the week before in which he was humped by two males along the side of the road. Dispatchers later corrected that report. The man said he was jumped, not humped.

Tuesday, February 14, 9.42 pm.
A man said someone stole his goat. He’d had problems before with his neighbor’s stealing the goat and had fixed his fence, he said, but now they had evidently found a new way to get his goat.

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