Dhique and Jehyeign

Much merriment can be found over the the TradeMe community, where a discussion has been going about “unusal/cool names that youd name your kids”.

Highlights include:

Well these are my kid’s names – Shayd, Shaymin, Shaydin, Sheneen, Shevannah and Sheleeah…..guess they are unusal….

id this baby is a boy it will be dante chaos trent, i was thinking of going with ignatious and or socratease for a middle name but decided againsed it for the momennt

my mate called her boy ‘shickayne’

Two of my grandaughters – Nivea and Zhia

Daemyns middle name is Boy (family name on paternal side)

my son Kale which is Hebrew meaning strong after a friend of a friend (not because of the ornamental cabbage you grow!!!)

If I see a Shayenna or Bumbum in that matter, I will always think of a Bogun mum living in the Hutt Valley or probably in Palmerston North.

Remember, mums, there can be advantages to giving your child a common name. It’s much easier to google a Jehyeign than a Jane.

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