Anglicise this

I love the vileness of St Patrick’s Day. I like the wearing of green shirts, eating of green food, singing of Irish songs, donning of silly hats, and drinking of Guinness.

I feel a bit guilty that I don’t do anything similar on St Andrew’s Day or St George’s Day, but there’s always time to start some new traditions. A cup of tea on April 23rd and a deep-fried Mars bar on 30 November, perhaps.

There was a special work outing to the pub for lunch and feasted on such traditional Irish fare as nachos, wedges, fried mystery meat, and hummus. The only green food was the pesto that came with some breads.

But there was Guinness, and that makes it all better.

I suppose in a way celebrating St Patrick’s Day is akin to events like the Chinese lantern festival or Pasifika – it’s a reminder of the rich ethnic tapestry that makes up this city. Cheers.

– Roibín Ó Gallchobhair

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