Baby, I just can’t get enough of your sweetness

Flu vaccination
1. Work had free flu vaccinations.
2. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had the flu, but it seemed like a good opportunity to take.
3. The injection itself didn’t hurt. I’m OK wit’ needles.
4. But now there’s a lump where the needle went in.
5. And I have hives on my legs, which is what happened last year, dammit.

1. I was getting a bit of the old RSI in my hands and arms from all the typing I do at work.
2. To help with this, I’ve started doing hatha yoga, which is the gentle(-ish) stretchy one.
3. Immediately this has made me aware of my lack of strength and flexibility.
4. But learning all the new stuff is fun.
5. I did a shoulder stand on Thursday, which was very cool.

1. There’s a homeless guy who gets on the bus at the terminal.
2. He has a big bag of stuff that he puts in the aisle, blocking it.
3. He gets off at the first stop, only a few hundred metres up the road.
4. He shouts loudly when he gets off the bus, possibly to let the driver know.
5. He disappears into a dark empty lot on Anzac Ave.

Netguide Awards
1. I managed to get a free ticket to the Netguide Awards last night.
2. I arrived late and saw Trade Me win a bunch of awards.
3. I hung out with both winners and losers. Neither were sure if winning/losing was a good thing.
4. The salmon was really good.
5. Free booze and good people is an excellent combination.

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