On the down low, yo

There was an article about blogs in this week’s Sunday magazine, part of the Sunday Star-Times. Written by journalist (and former blogger) Deborah Hill Cone, it was about how there is more to blogging than people arguing about Iraq, and that there are actually some interesting, well-written blogs out there. Cool.

(Of course, if you’re reading this, you already knew that, right? But rumour has it that some people still think blogging is about writing really radical and controversial stuff like “George W Bush makes me sick!!!!1”)

In the penultimate paragraph, there was mention of my *ahem* blog:

In The Secret Passage Mt Eden blogger Robyn uses annoying yoof vocab like “old skool” and “on the down low” – but she also writes lively posts about bad poetry, karaoke and appearing on the Jim Mora show.

I must make the following observations:

  • Yo, I don’t usually be using annoying yoof vocab like “old skool”, but on occasion when I be doing that shit, I’m taking the piss, yo. Word.
  • I’ve never used the phrase “on the down low”. I am so uncool I don’t even know what it means. However, I will endeavour to use it so I don’t disappoint any SST readers who come visiting.
  • Bad poetry, yes; karaoke, yes; Jim Mora,… what?! Another mystery. I’ve never been on the Jim Mora show. It’s possible this was confused with my appearance on National Radio in December, but that was hosted by Jon Bridges.
  • Lively posts? Hey, I like that description.

But the funny thing is that the URL to this site was published incorrectly. Tragically a www. was put before the secretpassage.livejournal.com, which results in a 404 error. Some smart SST readers ought to be able to figure how to get here, but others will be flailing about in cyberspace on the down low.

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