Napier (noun, one who napes)

I’m in the sunny Hawke’s Bay – Napier, to be precise.

The first time I came here was in 1985 when I was 10. I remember looking at all the art deco buildings and taking photos and learning all about the earthquake (for art deco buildings and the earthquake is how Napier defines itself).

Then I had a friend who was going to polytech here, so I visited here about once a year in ’93, ’94 and ’95. My memories of those days are of peach schnapps and black sambuca, but that’s what teenz are into.

And now I have the city all to myself as a grown-up!

The hotel (secretly, motel) I’m staying at is across the road from Marineland. At night I heard some sea creatures wailing. It was hilarious. I composed a poem. (It is art and should not be laughed at.)

Kelly the dolphin.
Your friend Shona the dolphin
Did you cry?
Or did you put on a brave face
for the tourists?
Do the seals perform
or do they mourn?
Lonely is a porpoise
without a purpose.

I’ve been wandering around looking at buildings and stuff. What else is there to do in Napier? Any suggestions are welcome – I’m here till Sunday.

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