The biggest load of crap that has come out of the Auckland power cut discussion is the idea that this somehow proves that New Zealand is actually a Third World country.

For example, there’s this quote in the Herald today from Heart of the City (Auckland CBD retailers association) CEO Alex Swney.

“Rather than try and second-guess the cost in dollars and cents, the big picture is what has it done for Auckland’s reputation as a first-world city?” he said. “Are we heading for Sydney or Suva?”

So a North American, who’d been through the massive 2003 power cut that affected proper, grown-up cities like New York, Detroit and Toronto, would look at Auckland’s power cut and decide that Auckland was up there with cities in Haiti and Niger?

It’s more like Auckland suffered an significant power cut, as all places with electricity do from time to time. It inconvenienced both people and businesses, but it speaks volumes that the biggest complaint that most people seem to have is that they weren’t able to get any coffee during the power cut. Try getting a decent latte in somewhere reasonably all right, like Samoa, let alone Sierra Leone.

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