If you are one of those Auckland-based interweb types who is a regular reader of the Public Address blogs and is subsequently planning on going along to the Great Blend event this Saturday, you will be no doubt be excited and delighted to learn that I will be now part of the panel discussing internet communities.

I’ll be joining danah boyd (internet communities expert who’s being shipped over from America especially for the event), Justin Zhang (of New Zealand Chinese community website SkyKiwi), and Peter McLennan (who was one of my fellow panellists on the National Radio show last year). We’re going to be discussing various aspects of internet communities.

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been on a few panels over the last few years, and have discovered that talking about stuff in front of an audience is rather fun.

The event is full so I don’t need to try and talk it up to make people come along. However, I will say this: if you were to show up to the Grey Lynn Community Centre on Saturday at around 7.30, and if the place didn’t look like it was so full of people that it might be considered a fire hazard, and if you were to nonchalantly wander on in, probably no one would notice, if you get my drift. Right on.

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