Futbol and Burger Rings

I have friends in other countries who are currently despairing at the Fußball/Football/Futbol-mania that is currently gripping their nation.

So it makes me a little bit relieved that while New Zealand prides itself as being a proud sporting nation, it’s not actually good enough at football to have even qualified for the World Cup.

Best stick to the fringe sports like rugbys league and union, eh?

Sometimes when I visit the local dairy during the day, I’ve noticed staff there making up bags filled with various grocery items. The contents of a typical bag would be loose tobacco and rolling papers, a large bag of Burger Rings, a packet of Toffee Pops and a 1.25 litre bottle of Coke.

At first I thought it was maybe an order for an invalid, but then I thought it was strange that such a person would be ordering no basic staples, just junk food and smokes.

But today I finally figured it out. I saw a Department of Corrections logo on a list and realised it’s for prisoners down the road at Mt Eden Prison.

See, life on the inside isn’t all that bad when you have your weekly Burger Rings ration.

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