Showing up for food

It’s the Food Show again. I had a nice time this year because a) going on a Friday means I avoided the crazy weekend crowds, and b) I didn’t eat so much that I felt sick, like what happened a couple of years ago.

Overheard at a dips stand: “I’m glad you’ve got that rotation going cos you don’t want stupid bloody deli mangers buying too much.”

Unexpected music could be heard wafting from various stands. Nouvelle Vague’s bossa nova version of “Love will tear us apart” and Gary Newman’s “Cars”. Fingers crossed neither were being used to sell packet mix sauces.

Nestle have this new hot chocolate powder that’s seems to be marketed to Bridget Jones types of ladies. The stand was manned by “hot” guys (i.e. probably gay in real life) wearing T-shirts claiming “Resistance is futile”. However, all that conjures up for me is some daggy sci-fi nerd girl snuggling up with her stuffed toy collection and watching “Buffy” episodes.

I heard a man at the a cheese stand proclaim that some deal was “the cheapest in the southern hemisphere”, which made me wonder why New Zealand cheese would be cheaper in the northern hemisphere.

Worst stand – the Heart Foundation Tick stand. They had a thing called the Wheel of Tick. You spun it and won whatever it landed on. It was mostly branded food items, but there were three disappointing options – a carrot, a banana or going in the draw. Everyone who ended up with one of those “prizes” walked away hating the tick, making a beeline for the sausage stand.

Apparently we are all so poor these days because of inflation rates or whatever that we can’t afford to eat out all the time, so home cooking is popular. I think this has manifested in home espresso machines and internationally flavoured baked beans.

Best foods

Stones ginger beer. That’s alcoholic ginger beer. Excellent. Not only does it take like proper ginger beer, but it’s got 4.8% alcohol. It’s about time this was available in Aotearoa.

RJ’s licorice have an orange licorice coming out soon, including a version with a dark chocolate centre.

Buderim Chilli Blast is a lime cordial with chilli. Yes. It’s really good and not necessarily mouth-setting-on-fire hot.

Scarborough Fair have Fair Trade coffee and tea. Fair Trade is the new thing that we concern ourselves with. If we’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on coffee a year, we don’t want to be ripping off the workers, see.

Strangest stand – the Alternative Living vegetarian stand. Some really enthusiastic ladies (possibly Taiwanese) were tempting everyone with their delicious vegetarian pastiches of traditional meat dishes. “We pray for you,” says the cartoon chicken.

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