Mountain magic

It’s a lovely sunny day here in the ‘Naki. It’s a nice crisp winter’s day, the likes of which seem all too rare in Auckland, the land of the long grey sky.

Today I went to the Govett-Brewster art gallery, which is rather choice. At first I was a bit annoyed that I’d missed the opening of a new Len Lye exhibit by a mere four days, however the rest of the gallery was taken up by an exhibit of Darcy Lange.

I’d not heard of him before, but it turns out he’s a video artist. He started recording things on video back in England the mid-’70s, before turning home to the ‘Naki. Rather than editing his footage (in those days, video editing equipment wasn’t easy to come by), he just filmed long, uncut scenes of things like crop dusters, tree fellers, farmers, both at work and sitting around at smoko. It took a bit of time and effort to get into his work, and I noticed that most people did a hasty walk by, missing out on the sight of such things as the 1974 tree fellers chopping away at a mighty tree before it eventually crashed to the forest floor.

After that I ended up spending about an hour at the New Plymouth BNZ when the adjacent ATM ate my Visa card, which is, like, one of the crappest things to happen to a traveller. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing between BNZ and BankDirect, they were finally convinced that I was not a criminal and gave me my card back.

Mountain report: The cloud has all but vanished and the might snow-covered peak of Mt Taranaki is visible. It’s just there, hanging out in the background, peaking over the top of supermarket car parks, office buildings and houses.

I’m typing this in a Christian bookshop. Gentle Christian music plays in the background. When I went to type the subject for this entry, Internet Explorer’s autocomplete popped down a list of previously used subjects, one of which was “shave his balls with a rusty razor”. Crikey!

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