Never mind the Buzzcocks

Last night I went to a work do, which comprised of a three-hour tour – a three-hour tour – of the Waitemata Harbour. While it was raining a bit, the weather didn’t get rough and the reasonably small boat didn’t get tossed. Instead we all had a rather good time.

There was music and dancing and interesting conversation but, quite frankly, it’s probably a good thing that it was limited to three hours. I shan’t recount any more details, only to note that while many people may appreciate drunken ladies pashing, dudes pashing is much hotter.

Today I discovered that I missed an opportunity to nonchalantly stalk the Buzzcocks. Actually, even if I had seen them, I probably would have just thought they were a couple of old farts and ignored them.

Also today I boycotted Foodtown. I went there last week and was inconvenienced by the the empty shelves and annoyed by the chirpy recorded message attempting to reassure customers that the empty shelves weren’t the end of the world. And, OK, maybe I’m a little sympathetic to the striking workers.

It seemed like it would be inconveniently out of the way, but I went to Victoria Park New World. I was surprised that I actually got my shopping done and arrived at my bus stop in time to catch the same bus I’d have got had I gone to Foodtown. So I supported striking workers and I got Fly Buys points.

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