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I never really used to be into graffiti much. I couldn’t differentiate between some angry 14-year-old tagging a bus stop and someone like Askew doing a really awesome piece. But one day a few years ago, Dylz introduced me to Askew (and told me his terrible, terrible secret from the dark history of TV3) and I slowly started paying attention to the graffiti that I saw on the streets.

This year I started to notice the two walls on the corner of Poynton Terrace and Pitt Street. I walk past them most days on the way to work, and one day I photographed all the pieces that were up on the walls.

Then I noticed one part of the wall – furthest from the street – was being graffitied over rather frequently. So far I have five different photo starting from March this year. It’s interesting seeing how the pieces evolve, how elements of the old pieces are incorporated into the new ones.

I also learned how to take better photos of graffiti. Some guy in America messaged me on Flickr and asked me to take photos front-on – no wacky “I’m making art with art!!!” angles.

So here are the five stages of the left side of the south wall of Poynton Terrace.

Poynton Terrace graffiti - south side

Poynton Terrace graffiti - south side

Hustler's Ambition

Hustler's Ambition update

Poynton South Left

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