Flowers and towers

Down at the Mt Eden shops today, there were a number of people collecting for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was horrified to find a man bedecked in a big pink sash approach me and say, “Would you like to support breast cancer?!” Er, no.

Yesterday at work I was workin’ on a TV programme that included a small child (there were doubts as to his/her sex, but that’s another matter altogether) talking about his family and favourite things. Some of my workmates commented on how adorable this li’l kid and his cute siblings were, but I harboured a dirty secret – I was actually really excited by the house his family lived in. It was all concrete blocks, steel and primary-coloured doors, a kind of cheerful neo-brutualism. This is probably a sign that my genes ain’t goin’ nowhere.

May I pimp the Flickr Sky Tower group? I started it after realising that a) all the great towers of the world already had Flickr groups, and b) the Sky Tower has a habit of popping up in many outdoor photos around Auckland. It’s lots of fun.

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