Footpaths H. Pupas and friends

One day I got a spam from someone called Footpaths H. Pupas. I thought that was rather hilarious so I filed it away and over the last year or so, I’ve collected such LOLtastic pieces of unintentional interweb comedy. I’ve gone through and picked out the finest, and I now present the list of my top 10 fake spam sender names.

Scheming Q. Kettledrum
Khyber R. Zing
Womanhood P. Marzipan
Invader G. Dentists
Bunghole F. Cognitive
Misogynist U. Postbox
Scrotum B. Appertains
Autograph B. Limb
Jovial F. Potpie
Titted H. Bodhidharma

But if that’s left you feeling dirty, may I recommend Sonic Youth’s “Sugar Kane” video. It’s from 1993, so it should feel uncomfortably, awfully, painfully out of date. However, it has Marc Jacobs, pre-fame Chloe Sevigny, New York City, and it mocks grunge fashion, which is four shades of awesome, so therefore the video is just as awesome.

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