Concerned citizens

I cleared my post office box today and found a rather strange letter there for me.

It was an anonymously written, three-page photocopied letter regarding a New Zealand elected public official – who I will not name, for I have read the Defamation Act – and it makes various allegations about him/her.

The letter was trying to present evidence that this person was a pedophile, but most of the evidence seemed to involve stuff overheard at a local pub – lots and lots of hearsay.

Not only that but it seems that almost everyone of importance in the area where this person is from was involved in a vast cover-up – police, media, community groups and even – gasp – Maoris.

The letter notes that as well as this person having “a history of bankruptcy, pedophile [sic], drinking, smoking, dope, [and] sex abuse,” he/she is also “an irresponsible slob.” It also noted that “some of the prostitutes are getting fed up.” Oh, I bet they are.

The third page gives a list of people who I am apparently required to talk to. It insists, “Many individual people are well aware of the situation but you can’t just question them on the phone as 20/20. You need to win them over before they will open up. This is the [location] way.” 20/20?! What, they want me to contact these people pretending to be from a glossy current affairs TV show?

What perplexes me the most is how I came to receive this letter. It seems to be written for someone in the media who can do some of that investigative journalism stuff, but that’s not me and never has been. I don’t think I know anyone from this place, I hadn’t even heard of this person before I read the letter, I don’t really have any media clout that I can wield, and I’m certainly not going to ring up some brothel owner demanding to know about dirty goings on.

It’s a very unusual letter to have received.

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