The strangest thing just happened outside my flat.

I heard a scrubbing sound and voices – someone saying they needed more water – so I peeked out the window. There were three teenagers – they looked Chinese – who were scrubbing chalk marks off the footpath with water and a broom. Next to them was the neighbourhood old drunk guy who kept saying, “Chalk? You don’t have to do that. Don’t bother doing that.”

Then suddenly all three of them stopped and took off across the road, all sprinting in different directions, taking shortcuts to get away fast. It was as if they were running for their lives.

The old drunk guy staggered off home.

Checking the footpath, there was just a wet patch where the water had been, and a rogue chalk X they missed.


UPDATE: It was Christians!

This morning I examined the scene of the scrubbing. There were smudged chalk marks and a few X’s all along the footpath, as if forming a route. The marks continued around a corner and down a side street where I found this written:

Christian graffiti

But this doesn’t explain why they suddenly sprinted off so quickly.

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