In the back row

Every now and then I have to work a Sunday and so I get the preceding Friday off. I like to use the time to go out and do stuff that would normally be busy on a weekend.

I was considering going to the Food Show, but I think I’m over that. Senior citizens and cheese cubes and packet-mix pasta sauce samples have limited entertainment value.

So instead I strolled in to Newmarket and saw “Starter For 10” at the Rialto. I was kinda bored while I waited for the film to start, so I texted live updates of the trailers, etc, to Twitter.

2.17pm It’s my Sunday Friday so I’m enjoying the pleasures of a near empty cinema.

2.18pm I would like to point out that the movie has not started yet. I an not a rude film texter.

2.20pm Eagle vs Shark trailer – makes me want that crazy love. Unf!

2.25pm Black Snake Moan looks dirty and filthy and awesome.

4.07pm Movie review: Starter For Ten. Funny, sweet, heartbreaking, uplifting and with a choice ’80s soundtrack. What being a student is actually like more than most movies manage.

4.57pm Foodtown on a Friday afternoon is tolerable when one has the Mint Chicks on one’s iPod.

2 thoughts on “In the back row”

  1. I can’t believe that the Food Show is not pretty much a highlight of your calendar. I wonder if this reflects most on you, me, or the Auckland vs Wellington qualities of our respective shows.

  2. We went to the Food Show – I’m still totally into it 🙂
    However – being that this was the first time we went on a friday – it was full of elderly people and housewives (yes – me included!)

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