One’s social calendar

I was extremely excited to receive an email from Melanie today informing me that the notorious J.U.S.T.I.N. was coming to Auckland. Yes, Mr JT is going to be performing at Vector Stadium in October.

Having already shelled out for awesome seats for next week’s Cure show, I am convinced that the construction of Vector Stadium was a conspiracy designed to defraud me of my hard-earned cash. These travelling entertainers come and seduce me with their musical songs and fancy dance moves and in return I give them money.

I’m also looking forward to next week cos after I see Fat Bob and his Gothic Minstrels, then I’m gonna hop on an aeroplane* and head to sunny Nelson. Or at least it had better be sunny, but, then it is winter, so I’m not exactly expecting a tropical paradise.

My knowledge of Nelson extends thus far:

  • I went there for a couple of days in 1993. It was nice.
  • Courtney Love went to Nelson College for Girls for a few years.
  • It’s in the South Island, but it feels like it’s in the North Island.
  • It’s sunny.
  • Um…
  • It was named after Nelson Mandela.

So no doubt it will be a voyage of discovery.

* To offset the carbon footprint of this flight, I have given up using lead pencils, cos they’re made of graphite, which is pure carbon, right? Right?

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