1987, man

Two teenage boys got on the 006 bus at Mt Eden. They happened to sit across the aisle from a guy probably in his late 30s who was decked out in motor-racing-logo-emblazoned clothing.

Almost straight away, he started telling the boys his plans for the day (going to visit the girlfriend, then over to his mate’s to watch the footy), and then started reminiscing about the golden days:

I used to be involved with stock-car racing. 1987, man. 1987. I was in a car down at these races one night, and there was 10,000 people there. 10,000. The atmosphere was electric. You could cut it. That’s how electric it was. I mean, they weren’t all there to see me. There was actually this fella from the USA who was there, but when we came out, all the lights were on and there was 10,000. I thought, “Shit – this is it.” It was pretty tough in those days. You had to hang on. You let go, you’re gone. 1987.

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