Brazil, nuts

I went to Brazil cafe this afternoon before work. There was a sign up on the counter announcing that K Road icon Brazil would be closing for good on September 30! Whoa, there!

I will quickly make a list of reasons why Brazil is (not yet was) lovely.

  • The coffee.
  • The peeling paint on the ceiling that kind of looked like a map of a strange world.
  • The steep steps that are easy to walk up but tricky to walk down.
  • The old bus seats.
  • The coffee milkshakes.
  • The sticky varnish on the tabletops that will rip your newspaper if you’re not careful. That’ll teach you to read.
  • The coffee menu displayed on the old computers.
  • The beaten-up industrial fittings.
  • The pinball machine.
  • The faded glory of the old Mercury Theatre days.
  • The fierce espresso machine.
  • The music, which usually includes some sort of drum and bass.
  • The perfectness for it as a morning-after recovery place.
  • The dirty boys who hang out at the bar, drinking espressos, telling unfunny jokes.
  • The coffee, the coffee, the coffee.

Brazil have a box where you can write down and share your memories of the place.

K Road is, without a doubt, changing, but I’m not sure what it’s changing into.


Here’s the notice about the closure:

Sad news

And I’ve taken a few photos of Brazil. Click the latte to see more.

Latte at Brazil

Update 2

The Herald has an article about the cafe’s closure.

13 thoughts on “Brazil, nuts”

  1. Aww that’s sad. I remember their ancient old Mac that somehow connected to the internet. That internet was provided by Ihug. And Brazil would give out free coffee to Ihug staff. Awesome!

  2. I never really liked Brazil that much. The first time I went there was with Sawks, and they got angry at Gareth Elliot for drinking someone else’s drink, and their milk always tasted off. Oh, and I was scared of their staircases. But I can see how that space would lead others to love it.

  3. Actually I think it was Fatty Si that drank Gareth’s drink, and then Gareth said he hadn’t got his and oh the drama. Or maybe it was Mike and not Gareth at all. But anyways. Grumpy staff I thought.

  4. awwwwwwwwww! I’ve been in the UK for 2 years and am coming home for a visit 2 weeks too late for Brazil coffee. And the coffee here in London SUCKS. (yes apart from ‘flat white’ in soho)
    At least there will still be the other fine establishments for my 2-week fix while home.

  5. I’m heading up to Auckies for a bidness trip with a friend in the weekend, and she has been very excited about getting a coffee shake. I had to send her a link to your post. Good news that we’ll be there in time to get one, bad news that it will be the last.

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