What kind of webbery is this?

A couple of my internet amigos have a mysterious art project webpage, the enticingly titled I Wrote This For You, with the even more enticing URL pleasefindthis.blogspot.com.

It consists of daily posts of a lovely photo matched with words of wisdom, such as this one:

The Far

Cute cat up a tree.

You got yourself up there. You can get yourself back down.

At a glance, it seems like cut ‘n’ paste fodder for emo LiveJournallers and miserable housewives, but when you look deeper, are the edges a little frayed? Is the author a font of wisdom or is he secretly looking for answers just as much as we are? And when the author says, “I wrote this for you,” is the correct response, “I read this for you”? Or is that reading too much into things?

Nonetheless, this is what the interweb was made for.

One thought on “What kind of webbery is this?”

  1. that website is beautiful, robyn. Clever webby friends you have! My interpretation of what they are doing is recognising the dichotomy that comes about from the internet being so vast, and yet so intimate. Only you are reading the page when you are reading it, even when you aren’t the only “hitter”. And the words that go with the pictures? I think they are words of wisdom, indeed. For you never know where words will land, so none are wasted, are they? They will always resonate with someone, thus for that someone, they are words that are truly only written for them. I love it!

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