Season’s greetings

So, yeah, I had a pretty good birthday.

In the morning I found various birthday greetings left by people in different corners of the interwebs: here in comments, on Facebook, Twitters, emails, and also text message. It’s all very modern, and it was lots of fun reading them all.

Later in the afternoon, I co-opted a Christmas party I’d been invited to and turned it into my birthday party. Well, at least that was my plan. When I got there, I found myself having such a good time that I gave up on the “Hey, um, it’s my 33rd birthday!”.

Things were going well at the party – there was good booze and good food, but then things got even better when David Saunders showed up. He was in The 3Ds, which is my second favourite New Zealand band of all time. Part of me was being 18 years old and wanting to go “OMG! You are so cool!!!!!”, but another part of me was being all 33 and grown-up.

Then a bunch of partygoers went to the King’s Arms for their Christmas party gig thing, featuring Blam Blam Blam (yeah, them). So I went along to that and did something that I’ve never done at the King’s Arms before (that sounds ominous, but it’s not). The Blams were good, but I reckon the Wellington gig was better.

So now I can finally get into the whole Christmas spirit. Really, for me, the build-up for Christmas is two days long.

Now I’m with the whanau. It looks like one of the cats is anorexic or something. She won’t can has cheeseburger? She’s currently curled up next to my right foot, which is not an unpleasant thing.

Season’s greetings.

4 thoughts on “Season’s greetings”

  1. I meant to give you a poem at the party but I forgot, due to consumption of alcohol. Please accept this belatedly:

    The common Cormorant, or Shag,
    lays eggs inside a paper bag.
    The reason, you’ll see no doubt,
    is to keep the lightning out.
    But what these unobservant birds
    have not noticed is that herds,
    of bears may come, with buns,
    and steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

  2. @Paul: is that Ogden Nash?

    @Robyn: did my snail-mail fripperies arrive before you headed for familial territories?

    There is something quite wonderful about the many Web 2.0 channels through which birthday wishes can travel. It enhances (if that were possible) the phone call from Nanna that is our cultural staple.

    Happy Hogswatch to ye all.

  3. Paul: You may have ended up drinking more than you realised, because you did indeed recite this poem at the party! But it’s good to have it written cos I wouldn’t have otherwise remembered:

    H-Bird: Noez! No sign of it, but my post office box was last sorted on Friday, so it’s likely that it’s just waiting in a sack somewhere in the environs of the Newton Post Shop. Hopefully it and one other special package will be waiting when I get back.

  4. P.S. I hate it when my browser somehow sucks all the paragraph breaks out of my blog entries in edit. Apologies to anyone who had to contend with a wall of text.

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