Present, presents

Christmas this year feels like it almost passed me by unscathed. Somehow I managed to avoid most of the worst aspects of the festive season.

Earlier in the month I was in Farmers and they were attempting to set a festive mood by playing early-’90s-style R&B versions of Christmas songs. It didn’t liven my spirit and send me merrily a-skippin’ to the till. It just annoyed me – really annoyed me – so I left.

You know all those Christmas pop songs that no one likes but everyone plays every Christmas, like the musical abominations that are “Snoopy’s Christmas” and “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”? Well, I managed to avoid hearing any of those in their entirety.

I’m not sure quite how I managed that, but I think it might have had something to do with not actually having much Christmas shopping to do. Buying stuff online or at other times during the year is a good way of avoiding Christmas craziness. (Not that you’ll do it, but I’m just sayin’.)

But for the times I did venture into shops, I found one really good way to stay sane: listening to good music on my iPod in the shop. It had the added bonus of making shop assistants leave me alone – it’s just that much harder to ask me if I need help with anything or if I’m just happy browsing. But it did mean that they eyed me suspiciously, as if perhaps I was actually listening to the audio book “U Can Steal It! Shoplifting in seven easy steps!”

As for Christmas Day itself, well, it was boring, but that’s how it always is. If most of the day was grey, there was a bright moment of gold when Christmas lunch was served. We went for slow-baked salmon this year, which quite frankly kicks the arse of anything ham or turkey may have to offer.

And I will make this observation: comedy presents are fine, but when you get one real present and the rest are comedy ones, it does get a little depressing when you realise that all those nicely wrapped presents are $2 Shop lolz. Yeah, I guess if you stop believing in Santa, he stops believing in you.

But, you know, no matter what goes on on Christmas Day, it’s never a bad day. I have my spunky new camera, and generally stuff is rather good.

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