I was trying to avoid Valentine’s Day, but then a chocolate heart appeared on my desk (work-related, not <3-related) and I was lured into the delicious chocolately world of February 14.

So in order celebrate it, sort of, I set up a smart playlist in iTunes and looked at all the songs I had with “love” somewhere in the title.

There’s an interesting mix of the sweet and sour – for every “Love Will Keep Us Together”, there’s a “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. It seems a healthy mix of full-on love songs and songs for times when love has been ripped from your life, cos the latter makes the former that extra bit sweeter, y’know?

Looking at play count, the most played was the Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love”. It was almost ruined by the squelchy guitar bit being used in a Mariah Carey song, but it rises above that. It’s just a cute little singy rappy song that is just as much about love of music as it is about boyfriend love, and that’s just fine with me.

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  1. I did the same! for a present, that I thought of first thing in the morning. I got 7 hours worth of music, madly slimmed it down to an hour, burnt the CD, 10 minutes, on the stereo in time for breakfast.

    I like the fact that Roxy Music’s “Love is the drug” and Bachelorette’s “Love is a drug” ended up on the same disc. (“Love is a drug” is pure genius.)

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