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You will recall about a week ago when I was expressing outrage at the predominance of the “Nature’s Best” compilation CD as the hold music of so many New Zealand government departments and corporations.

Well, this inspired Stacezilla to check out was what playing on his company’s phone system. He writes…

Ugh I just checked ours and lo and behold Natures Best indeedy..

You have a unique opportunity to now submit what it SHOULD be replaced by as I am the power that be in our particular Govt Dept.

I’m not convinced by “More Nature” as the idea of purposely subjecting others to any of the following is not my idea of kindness.

“Harmonic Generator” – The Datsuns
“Welcome Home” – Dave Dobbyn
“Clav Dub” – Rhombus
“I Got” – Fast Crew

Ours is run off an ipod hooked into the PABX (don’t ask about format shifting) so it needn’t necessarily be an album, it can be a megamix from a stack of albums we’ll go out and buy.

So really, come up with a list of NZ music with a focus on post 05 (maybe a few classics). Open it to more peoplecomments if you want.

Join the Panel of Selectors….

So I had a think about this. So far I reckon “Hitchcock” by the Phoenix Foundation would be really good hold music, and maybe something by SJD. I’m not even much of an SJD fan, but his music just seems like it would be nice to listen to while on hold. Hmm.

I was talking ’bout this with my friend Mike, and he suggested some drum ‘n’ bass, but I get the feeling that listening to Concord Dawn while waiting on hold might not work well.

So, given this chance to decide the hold music that gets played on real phone system, what good, recent New Zealand music do you think should be on the list?

10 thoughts on “Hold on”

  1. I think SJD is perfect hold music. And I mean that in the most insulting way possible. Sit next to me and text all the way through the Phoenix Foundation gig will ya?

  2. Back in the early ’90s there was a bit of mini-row at Auckland Uni Students Union because people who rang and got put on hold got BfM.

    Someone complained after they were put on hold and copped a song called ‘You Suck’ which from memory was by a band called the Yeasty Girls.

  3. Magnetic Fields Sixty Nine Love Songs. Offensive (if you’re a precious homophobe) and charming at the same time.

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