Not so live any more, is it just?

It’s been over 18 months since I stopped writing stuff on my LiveJournal account, and switched back to my personal website, upgraded to the superdeluxxxe 2.0 version running WordPress.

I had imported all my LiveJournal entries into WordPress, but I kept the originals up on LJ because I hadn’t been able to import the comments. I had always planned on coming back and grabbing the comments somehow, even if that meant a manual copy and paste.

Well, I finally got around to doing it and I discovered that LJ would only let me see the 10 most recent comments made on my posts. If I paid to upgrade, I could see the 100 most recent comments. But there were far more than 100 comments in there.

This left me a bit annoyed, because I remember some really cool discussions happening. My favourite was the fiery discussion between Joe and Thomas about engagement rings, that originally followed this post.

Comments on posts are partly what makes writing online worthwhile. It’s the difference between talking in an empty room to talking to a room full of people.

I decided to sever another connection with LJ – I delete all the posts there, but I’m going to keep using LJ to stay in touch with my friends who are still using LJ to post, particularly those tantalising friends-only posts.

LiveJournal seems to be slowly dying out in some regards – Facebook provides a lot of social and community features now and WordPress is a much more flexible blogging platform. LJ is still really popular with fan fiction communities, and also for people who want a quieter corner of the interweb to do their thing.

I kind of miss the old days of LJ. The NZ Idol community in 2004 and 2005 was so much fun. But what’s happening is what seems to happen with the internet – new websites pop up and people move on to other things that suit their needs better.

2 thoughts on “Not so live any more, is it just?”

  1. Yeah I still use LJ almost daily. It offers something my ‘main’ blog doesn’t – the ability to protect entries, and to restrict them to a community of friends, thus keeping a nice closed community of in-jokes and threads.

    But you’re right, LJ’s dying. And I just recently brought my blogger blog across to I’d do the same with LJ but again, it’s not the right place for it (and the comments are the be-all and end-all of LJ).

  2. I’ve just done the move to WordPress and can’t figure out the comments either! So now I have (almost, another system with 3 years of posts left to import manually, argh) 12 years of blogging with no comments. What a loser!

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